Week sixtedidio~~

Week 6
Its already week 6!! I never realized it..seriously... and now, Im enjoying my time at my kampung in Kelantan... I really2 miss my kampung so much.....and of course my beloved family...Actually, i almost forgot to update my 6th week entry..hu3..maybe , Im too excited being in my kampung with my family. But...as Pn. Foziah said...works are works..and I need to do this works...hu3...yeah,,,so..back to work...

For the 6th week class, Pn. Foziah showed us several e-books from the previous cohort. I never knew that we can create and do our own e-book by only using the power point. i thought we need to have certain softwares in order to do the e-book. This e-book was so interesting since it can be one of the teaching aids that can be used in the classroom. it would be very interesting and it can attract the students attention. It is because, by using the power point, I will be able to includes lots of colourful and interesting pictures as well as sounds that will grab the students' interest. plus, this e-book is easy to be done. We do not need to draw or paste any pictures. We only need to find the suitable pictures on the internet and include it in the e-book. as simple as that.

So, in the future, i will most probably choose this e-book as one of my teaching aids in the classroom. This will also enhace my teaching skills and help me in improving and varies the teaching techniques that I used in the class.

Pn.Foziah had asked us to do and create one e-book. I already done the story board for my e-book and luckily, Pn.Foziah had approved it. Im looking forward to do my e-book. I think I should be searching for the materials of my e-book now... i need to submit it on time.... I'll update when i finish doing it...thats all for now..bye...=)