For todays class, we were discussing on the assignments that we need to do which were assignment 1, 2, 3. For assignment 1, we need to finish up the 15 blog entry for this semester and print it out. It will be submitted to Pn.Foziah in the end of the semester. For assignment 2, we need to adjust and redo the assignment since there were some misunderstanding with the instructions given. For assignment 3, we need to submit it on 26th October.

However, despite all the loads of work and assignments that we need to do, we are lucky since the precious experience and skills that we learnt through out the process of doing the assignments are actually priceless. lots of knowledge and skills that we explore, can be implemented in the future. these will help us a lot as future teachers and this will enable us to become a very good teacher one day.


its almost reaching the end of the semeester and today was the 12th week class. two more class to go and we will end the semester..hurrray!...looking forward for the new semseter......soo excite about that...

for todays class, we were watching the videos made from us and we were to give comments and critiques abouut the video. My partner nad had also finished ou video entitled "smoking". it was a veru good experience in doing the video. for sure, i will use all the skills i had in doing a video for my teaching in the future. im sure it will gives lots of benefits and made my teaching more interesting and fun.


this week was the week after raya break. raya was always great.for sure the holoday wont be enough for me. somehow, the life has to go on. the class has to go on elso..hu3...enough of raya...

for this 11the week class, we were asked to present the power pont presentation on the article given to us sevral weeks ago. in group of 5, we were assigned to scrutinize and take out the gease from the article and prepare it using power point presentation. the presentation was run smoothyly and we were able to present it well

A or your information, the presentation is basically about " The Use of technology in ESL slassroom". for my part, im explaining about the introduction of the topic. im was explaining that technology could be use in the school and the teacher will be able to implement the usage of technology through the 4 main domain which are writing, reading, speaking and listening. as for me, the usage of this technology can enhance the teaching and learning sessions.For sure, i will use and implement the technology for in my future class.

Then, after the presentation, we were discussing about assignment 2 and 3. we selected our group members and discussed on what to do and divide works for all the group members.


Today's class was so interesting. Ma'am fauziah had sown us several videos on Chun and Ella. Honestly, I never seen that clip video. Ma'am Fauziah had introduced me to these video clips on Vhun and Ella. I've found that the video was so interesting and Ma'am's story about Chun and Ella 'forbidden love' triggered my interest.... I've searching for the video in you tube and found one....hu3,,just want to share with all of you..:P

okey..back to the lesson....hu3..Ma'm had shown the videos just to show the examples of video made by peoples and the diffrences between the videos. We can make or create any video using several softwares such as windows movie maker ant etc....these knowledge had benefit me a lot isnce I can use the knowledge in order to do the teaching resource for my teaching and learning session in class. i will be able to create my own videos based on what I want top teach my students based on the Curriculum Specification...

Thanks to Ma;am for this precous knowledge....
can't wait for the next class....

Week 8thhh

for this week, we were to send our tasks on audio editing, photo editing, e-book and also tutorials for each of the task. we were given some times to settle down and finish up our tasks. The tasks were so useful to us since we can use the tasks especially the tutorials as our guidance. if we do not remember the steps on how to edit audio, photo or creating an e-book, we can refer to the tutorials that we did for the tasks.

then, we were assigned to discuss several topics in our group and we have to the the power point presentations and present it to the whole class. we need to upload and share the power point presentation in windows live. this will give us the opportunity to upload the other groups' information through windowslive with ease. it will save lots of time and energy since we do not have to see and meet the other group just to exchange the information. after discussing and preparing the power point presentation, we need to present it to the class and further explain about the topic assigned to us. the topics assigned to us were really important since the topics will be included in the final exams. thus, we need to pay attention and focus on the topic assigned more and we can use the power point presentation files as the references when we want to revise the topic.

for me, this sharing of information between each other will be a very good way of learning since we can add more information and knowledge from the others. our ideas will expand and enhance and we can also helps our friends in understanding the topics.

after discussing and preparing the slides presentation, we were allowed to go back..

Week seventhedio~~

week 7
For this 7th week class, Pn. Foziah had presented her lecture on the topic 'audio editing'. this topic actually had trigered my ineterst since I did not really know how to edit any audio with the right and accurate way.

Listening to Pn. Foziah's lecture on this topic had openned my mind on how to use this audio as one of the resources for my teaching aids in class. for example I can edit and use the audio such as songs or poem recital by using cd player in order to teach pronunciations to the students. this will ensure the accurate and right pronunciation input since I can use audio that provide the right and accurate pronunciations as examples and models for my students. I can replay the audio until the students are able to follow the pronunciations modelled by the audio. this will save my voice and energy during the teaching lesson. I can also provide cds that consist of the audio for the students to bring it back to their home as their references. they can play the audio at their house and they will be able to practice pronuncing the words taught in the cd's.

Furthermore, I will be able to use this audio things to attract the students attentions since it will bring differences in the teaching methods. As we all know, the primary students will be attracted to a lively and interesting audio such as songs.Thus, using the audio editing, I can edit or remix any songs that I want and prepare the audio for my class. I can combine lots of song in one CD and I will be able to use the songs throughout the teaching and learning sessions.

Hopefully, with the knowledge of editing audios, I will be able to edit and cretae lots of interesting audios that can be used for my teaching and learning sessions in the future...

Week sixtedidio~~

Week 6
Its already week 6!! I never realized it..seriously... and now, Im enjoying my time at my kampung in Kelantan... I really2 miss my kampung so much.....and of course my beloved family...Actually, i almost forgot to update my 6th week entry..hu3..maybe , Im too excited being in my kampung with my family. But...as Pn. Foziah said...works are works..and I need to do this works...hu3...yeah,,,so..back to work...

For the 6th week class, Pn. Foziah showed us several e-books from the previous cohort. I never knew that we can create and do our own e-book by only using the power point. i thought we need to have certain softwares in order to do the e-book. This e-book was so interesting since it can be one of the teaching aids that can be used in the classroom. it would be very interesting and it can attract the students attention. It is because, by using the power point, I will be able to includes lots of colourful and interesting pictures as well as sounds that will grab the students' interest. plus, this e-book is easy to be done. We do not need to draw or paste any pictures. We only need to find the suitable pictures on the internet and include it in the e-book. as simple as that.

So, in the future, i will most probably choose this e-book as one of my teaching aids in the classroom. This will also enhace my teaching skills and help me in improving and varies the teaching techniques that I used in the class.

Pn.Foziah had asked us to do and create one e-book. I already done the story board for my e-book and luckily, Pn.Foziah had approved it. Im looking forward to do my e-book. I think I should be searching for the materials of my e-book now... i need to submit it on time.... I'll update when i finish doing it...thats all for now..bye...=)