Week seventhedio~~

week 7
For this 7th week class, Pn. Foziah had presented her lecture on the topic 'audio editing'. this topic actually had trigered my ineterst since I did not really know how to edit any audio with the right and accurate way.

Listening to Pn. Foziah's lecture on this topic had openned my mind on how to use this audio as one of the resources for my teaching aids in class. for example I can edit and use the audio such as songs or poem recital by using cd player in order to teach pronunciations to the students. this will ensure the accurate and right pronunciation input since I can use audio that provide the right and accurate pronunciations as examples and models for my students. I can replay the audio until the students are able to follow the pronunciations modelled by the audio. this will save my voice and energy during the teaching lesson. I can also provide cds that consist of the audio for the students to bring it back to their home as their references. they can play the audio at their house and they will be able to practice pronuncing the words taught in the cd's.

Furthermore, I will be able to use this audio things to attract the students attentions since it will bring differences in the teaching methods. As we all know, the primary students will be attracted to a lively and interesting audio such as songs.Thus, using the audio editing, I can edit or remix any songs that I want and prepare the audio for my class. I can combine lots of song in one CD and I will be able to use the songs throughout the teaching and learning sessions.

Hopefully, with the knowledge of editing audios, I will be able to edit and cretae lots of interesting audios that can be used for my teaching and learning sessions in the future...