this week was the week after raya break. raya was always great.for sure the holoday wont be enough for me. somehow, the life has to go on. the class has to go on elso..hu3...enough of raya...

for this 11the week class, we were asked to present the power pont presentation on the article given to us sevral weeks ago. in group of 5, we were assigned to scrutinize and take out the gease from the article and prepare it using power point presentation. the presentation was run smoothyly and we were able to present it well

A or your information, the presentation is basically about " The Use of technology in ESL slassroom". for my part, im explaining about the introduction of the topic. im was explaining that technology could be use in the school and the teacher will be able to implement the usage of technology through the 4 main domain which are writing, reading, speaking and listening. as for me, the usage of this technology can enhance the teaching and learning sessions.For sure, i will use and implement the technology for in my future class.

Then, after the presentation, we were discussing about assignment 2 and 3. we selected our group members and discussed on what to do and divide works for all the group members.