Week 8thhh

for this week, we were to send our tasks on audio editing, photo editing, e-book and also tutorials for each of the task. we were given some times to settle down and finish up our tasks. The tasks were so useful to us since we can use the tasks especially the tutorials as our guidance. if we do not remember the steps on how to edit audio, photo or creating an e-book, we can refer to the tutorials that we did for the tasks.

then, we were assigned to discuss several topics in our group and we have to the the power point presentations and present it to the whole class. we need to upload and share the power point presentation in windows live. this will give us the opportunity to upload the other groups' information through windowslive with ease. it will save lots of time and energy since we do not have to see and meet the other group just to exchange the information. after discussing and preparing the power point presentation, we need to present it to the class and further explain about the topic assigned to us. the topics assigned to us were really important since the topics will be included in the final exams. thus, we need to pay attention and focus on the topic assigned more and we can use the power point presentation files as the references when we want to revise the topic.

for me, this sharing of information between each other will be a very good way of learning since we can add more information and knowledge from the others. our ideas will expand and enhance and we can also helps our friends in understanding the topics.

after discussing and preparing the slides presentation, we were allowed to go back..